Praise for Rules of Health


In our chemically ladened world, we must educate ourselves and find ways to improve our own health. Dr. Behzad Azargoshasb, ND in his book “Rules of Health” makes this an easy transition for us. His book provides you with the knowledge to easily incorporate a holistic approach in your day to day living, so that you can make healthy living part of your lifestyle by introducing small habits that are easily sustainable. If you are looking to change the path your health is on, I highly recommend “Rules of Health”.

Jacquie Lombardi, CEO Kaizen Health Group


The Rules of Health is such an effortless read and so elegantly describes the fundamentals for a healthy and happy life. Not only are each of these factors more relevant than ever in everyday life, but the words offer so much insight and usefulness for everyone. This book serves as one of the most authentic and comprehensive resources for healthy living.

Rishi Mehta, Naturopathic Student


Rules of Health is a book I would recommend to all my patients. If you implement these simple yet powerful rules, a healthier life is assured. Moreover, this book can be your regular reference for different stages of life. Simply put, Rules of Health is as close to a “magic pill” as you can get.

Dr. Saisi Yang, ND, Vitality Physical Medicine


Dr. Behzad is a master at laying the groundwork for everyone who wants to get their health back on track. I would wish for all of my patients to read this practical resource before coming to see me – it would make my work a whole lot easier!

Dr. Freda Tam, ND, VIDA Massage & Wellness and
Balanced Living Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre


This book gives simple and effective advice on how to lead a healthy life. I like how it is categorized in air, water, food, sleep, exercise, stress, relationships, detox, cancer prevention, weight management, pregnancy, kids, mental health and ageing. All of these areas will affect ones well-being and knowing the strategies to optimize each category is extremely empowering. Dr Azargoshasb ties in all of the basic principles for a healthy life in an elegant package. A must read for anyone who wants a guide to optimize their health without the overwhelming medical jargon

Dr. Cecilia de Martino, BSc. (Tech), ND, Willow Wellness Clinic


Coming October 2018!

Product Details
Title: Rules of Health: Sustaining Optimal Health Through Safe Detoxification, Reaching a Healthy Weight, Managing Stress Effectively, and Achieving Deep Restorative Sleep
Author: Dr. Behzad Azargoshasb
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc
ISBN-13: 9781462122721
Publication date: 10/09/2018